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BBC ONE E Mid22:45A Question of Sport: Best Bits
 00:15Weather for the Week Ahead
 00:20BBC News
BBC TWO01:05World's Most Extraordinary Homes
 00:05Britain's Biggest Warship
ITV22:45The NHS Heroes Awards
Channel 422:00Carry on Brussels
 00:10Friday Night Dinner
 00:35High & Dry
 01:05First Dates
 02:00How'd You Get So Rich?
Channel 501:05Supercasino
ITV222:10Hall Pass
 23:10Family Guy
 23:40Family Guy
 00:10Family Guy
 00:35American Dad!
 01:05American Dad!
 01:30Two and a Half Men
Notts TV23:00Sports Week
 23:30Noise Floor
 00:00Noise Floor
 00:30Noise Floor
 01:00Noise Floor
 01:30Noise Floor
BBC FOUR01:00The Greatest Tomb On Earth: Secrets...
 02:00Caribbean with Simon Reeve
 23:00Fighting for King and Empire:...
 00:00Clydebuilt: The Ships That Made the...
ITV322:00The Street
 23:20The Street
 00:40A Touch of Frost
Pick23:00Banged Up Abroad
 00:00Road Wars
 01:00Brit Cops: War On Crime
 02:00Police Ten 7
Dave01:20Mock the Week
 23:00QI XL
 00:40Mock the Week
Channel 4+123:00Carry on Brussels
 01:10Friday Night Dinner
 01:35High & Dry
More 401:30Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA
 22:00999: What's Your Emergency?
 23:0524 Hours in A&E
Film421:00The Wolverine
 01:25Kramer vs Kramer
QVC01:00Kelly Hoppen Home Design
 02:00Kelly Hoppen Home Design
 23:00ModernSoul Loungewear
 00:00Kelly Hoppen Home Design
Really23:00I Survived Evil
 00:00Swipe Right for Murder
 01:00Born to Kill?
 02:00Home Shopping
4Music01:058 Out of 10 Cats Uncut
 01:55Not Safe With Nikki Glaser
 23:00Sun, Sex & Suspicious Parents
 00:158 Out of 10 Cats Uncut
Yesterday22:35The Black Adder
 01:10The World at War
Drama01:00Juliet Bravo
 02:00The Pinkertons
 22:00New Tricks
 23:20Birds of a Feather
 00:00The Bill
5 USA23:00Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
 23:55Law & Order: LA
 00:55CSI: New York
 01:50CSI: New York
Ideal World23:00Emelia Fashion Pick of the Day
 00:00Back at 7am
Create & Craft22:00Back at 7am
ITV423:00FYI Daily
 00:10New: The Americans
 01:10Lethal Weapon
Home23:00My Dream Derelict Home
 00:00A Place in the Sun: Summer Sun
 01:00Homes Under the Hammer
 02:00Escape to the Country
ITVBe23:00Dating in the Dark
 00:00The Jeremy Kyle Show USA
ITV2 +122:00Hall Pass
 23:05FYI Daily
 23:10Hall Pass
 00:10Family Guy
 00:40Family Guy
 01:10Family Guy
 01:35American Dad!
E401:05Tattoo Fixers
 23:00The Big Bang Theory
 23:30The Big Bang Theory
 00:00First Dates
E4+123:00New: Timeless
 00:00The Big Bang Theory
 00:30The Big Bang Theory
 01:00First Dates
5STAR01:10New: Riverdale
 23:00The Vow
 00:10The Vow
5Spike22:05Gridiron Gang
 23:35Spartacus: Vengeance
 00:50The X-Files
 01:50Criminals Caught on Camera
Sony Movie Ch00:10Sony Movie News
 00:15Code Of Honor
 01:35Sony Movie News Extra
 01:45Criminal Activities
 22:00The King's Speech
 23:35Who Am I?
ITV +123:00ITV News at Ten
 23:30ITV News Central
 23:45The NHS Heroes Awards
 01:35This is ITV+1
ITV3+101:05This is ITV3+1
 23:00The Street
 00:20The Street
QVC Beauty23:00Best Of QVC Beauty
 00:00Best Of QVC Beauty
 01:00In the Salon with Decleor
 02:00In the Salon with Decleor
QVC Style23:00Best of QVC Style
 00:00Best of QVC Style
QUEST01:00Overhaulin' Chronicles Vol. 2
 02:00Chasing Classic Cars
 23:00Random Breath Test
 23:30World's Deadliest Drivers
 00:00Wheeler Dealers
 00:30Wheeler Dealers
Quest Red23:00FBI Case Files
 00:00Forensic Detectives
 01:00Couples Who Kill
 02:00Nightmare Next Door
CBS Action01:55NCIS: Los Angeles
 23:00NCIS: Los Angeles
Food Network23:00Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
 23:30Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
 00:00Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
 00:30Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
 01:00Restaurant Stakeout
 02:00Mystery Diners
Travel Channel01:00Life Below Zero - The Thaw
 02:00Life Below Zero - The Thaw
 23:00Ray Mears Goes Walkabout
 00:00Shed and Buried
 00:30Shed and Buried
Gems TV23:00Great Value Jewellery
 00:00Gemporia Jewellery
 02:00Live Falling Auctions
Channel 5+101:00Access
 23:00New: The Sex Business: Working...
Film4+122:00The Wolverine
 01:00The Chase Celebrity Specials S2
 02:00Pointless Celebrities
4seven01:40Manchester: A Year of Hate Crime
 22:00Cruises from Hell Caught on Camera
 23:05First Dates
 00:1024 Hours in Police Custody
 01:00Aurora: Operation Intercept
TJC01:00Affordable Luxury
 02:00Affordable Luxury
 23:00Affordable Luxury
 00:00Affordable Luxury
Sony Movie Channel+123:00The King's Speech
 00:35Who Am I?
 01:10Sony Movie News
 01:15Code Of Honor
5SELECT01:00The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door
 02:00The Hotel Inspector
 23:00Inside Buckingham Palace
 00:00The Dead Sea Treasure Map Mystery
ITVBe+107:00This is ITVbe+1
ITV4+107:00This Is ITV4+1
Sony Crime Channel23:00Deadly Women
 00:00Deadly Women
True Entertainment01:30M*A*S*H
 22:30Murder In My House
True Movies22:55Prince Harry At 30
 00:00Queen Elizabeth:...
 01:00The Waltons
 02:00The Waltons
Blaze01:00American Pickers
 02:00Blaze is back at 5am
 23:00Hardcore Pawn
 23:30Hardcore Pawn
 00:00Storage Wars
 00:30Storage Wars
The Store18:00The Store
 00:00The Store
TBN UK23:00The Treasures Of Grace
 23:30The Call To Ministry
 00:00Real Videos
 00:30Juicy Ladies
 01:00TBN Play
 01:30Unshakeable Hope
 02:00Big Church Day Out 2017
CBS Reality01:00Snapped: Killer Couples
 02:00Trace of Evil
 23:00It Takes A Killer
 23:30It Takes A Killer
 00:00Forensic Investigators
truTV01:00The Investigators
 02:00The Devil You Know
 23:00LA Forensics
 23:30LA Forensics
 00:00The Investigators
Sony Crime Channel +123:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
 00:00Deadly Women
 01:00Deadly Women
Horror Channel22:45The Funhouse
 00:40The Devil's Rejects
CBS Drama23:00CBS Drama returns at 1:00pm
 00:00Law and Order
 01:00Law and Order
 02:00Killer Kids
Jewellery Maker13:00No Information Available
TCC19:00TCC is back at 3am
 01:00TCC is back at 3am
Sewing Quarter16:00Programmes start at 8am
Dave ja vu01:00QI
 01:40Mock the Week
 23:00New: Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier
 00:00QI XL
Blaze+123:00Blaze+1 back at 3am
TalkingPictures TV22:50Defence Of The Realm
 00:50Reach For The Sky
QUEST+101:00Wheeler Dealers
 01:30Wheeler Dealers
 02:00Overhaulin' Chronicles Vol. 2
 23:00History In The Making
 23:30History In The Making
 00:00Random Breath Test
 00:30World's Deadliest Drivers
Hochanda23:00Join Us for an Hour
 00:00Join Us for an Hour
 01:00Join Us for an Hour
 02:00Join Us for an Hour
BBC ONE HD22:45A Question of Sport: Best Bits
 00:15Weather for the Week Ahead
 00:20BBC News
BBC TWO HD22:30Newsnight
 00:05Britain's Biggest Warship
 01:05World's Most Extraordinary Homes
ITV HD22:45The NHS Heroes Awards
Channel 4 HD22:00Carry on Brussels
 00:10Friday Night Dinner
 00:35High & Dry
 01:05First Dates
 02:00How'd You Get So Rich?
Channel 5 HD01:05Supercasino